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A close-up look at U.S. Cities
While GlobeXplorer's main thrust is its immense archive of "earth imagery," the Explore link on this site will open up a bird's-eye view of a number of U.S. cities and their most prominent landmarks. A zoom capability on www.globexplorer.com lets you get close and personal before you go. 

Know how your money comes, money goes
Country hopping can lead to some confusing currency shopping. For help, check out www.oanda.com/convert/cheatsheet for real-time currency conversions that you can count on. From this site, you can print out up-to-the-minute dinar-to-dollar-to-drachma conversions faster than you can say Tinkers-to-Evers-to-Chance. And the corresponding tables fit conveniently in your wallet for those hectic drive-by calculations. 

Can you say, "Room with a view?"
You've worked overtime on your Portuguese, but you're just not sure you are communicating precisely with the keepers of that remote inn in northern Portugal. So you sign on to www.world.altavista.com, compose a fax to the innkeepers describing exactly the type of accommodations you are seeking, and hit the translate button. Presto, Alta Vista turns your English into a Portuguese missive. Cut, paste, and fax, and your message rings with clarity. When you get a response, reverse the process. The site translates English into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish and back again. It also works Russian to English. 

What's new out there?
Eric Ward began posting new Web sites in 1994, when the choices were much more finite. He's still at it. At www.urlwire.com, click on "This Week's Launches" and see what this Web pioneer finds new and interesting in cyberspace. Be forewarned that sites now pay for the privilege to be listed, but Ward's discretion on what's legitimate seems above the mercenary fray. 

Who's at the back door?
If you are planning a European trip, spend a few minutes with Rick Steve's Europe Through the Back Door, from the host of the Public Broadcast System show of the same name. At www.ricksteves.com, the world traveler offers loads of tips on avoiding crowds and accessing lesser-traveled European byways. 

Eating, your way
The good folks at Zagat have spent years compiling the lowdown on restaurants in the largest cities of North America. The organization has made the transition to online service, with more than 40 North American regions and select international destinations (London, Paris, Tokyo) listed at www.zagat.com. Your search options include cuisine, popularity, and neighborhood. 

The ease of the United Web
United Airline E-Fares® give you immediate access to some of the lowest available ticket prices for travel on the airline. E-Fares are for roundtrip United Economy® travel, and are often subject to more limitations and restrictions than regular fares. Visit united.com often to find out which specials are available each week. 

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