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“ Eric Ward follows the right link building approach. He's interested in links that are given based
on merit, and those are the links that stand the test of time” — Matt Cutts, Google
“ Eric Ward is THE authority on links” Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineLand
“ Thanks for the great work on our launch, Eric.  Your efforts and
report were excellent” Jeff Bezos,
Expert Link building services from link building expert Eric Ward - Content Promotion and Natural Linking Strategies
- Content Marketing and Outreach Strategies Proven Over 19 Years
- Publicity and Promotion Strategies for Web Sites and Web Based Services
- Custom Live Video Training and Strategy Sessions With You or Your Team
- Single Call and Monthly Consulting/Advisory Services
Big thanks to @ericward for helping us develop a winning outreach/SEO strategy. We bounced back from near-bankruptcy
 Vladimir Gendelman (@vgendelman)
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What I do explained in 60 seconds

I am a content linking strategist. I develop strategies that increase awareness of your web content, This can be done in many ways depending on the type and topic of content you're trying to publicize. Outreach strategies and links are the biggest part of my process, but they are just part of a well developed content publicity strategy. 

My services include consulting, training, backlink audits, analysis and evaluation, and custom linking plans including outreach. I publish a linking strategies newsletter, and curate a web content promotion reading room with hundreds of my columns, videos, and presentations.

With all the changes the search engines have made over the past few years, having a diversified inbound strategy is more important today than ever, but many people aren't sure what that means. There are countless "experts" and services that claim to know what's best for you, but as I enter my 19th year as a content linking strategist, I've observed many of them have few clues as to what actually works, and will waste your time and money.

Let me help by showing you the linking strategies and processes I've practiced for hundreds of web sites since 1994, when I helped Jeff Bezos launch I'll show you how to create and deploy a natural linking strategy designed to help your content or app earn quality links and publicity. You also can learn my unique techniques and processes via training and consulting. You'll gain an understanding of the complexity and variety of online marketing approaches. My Link building philosophy is based on experience working with hundreds of sites large and small. Over the course of that time I've been written about in over 150 books, magazines, newsletters, T.V., and Radio, and the services I created are used as examples in college courses on Internet marketing

And yes I know my site is ugly. It proves that Google wants content, not bells and whistles. Search Google for link building expert Eric Ward, and you'll find 150,000+ results that help explain how my processes are unique, ethical, and effective.

Here's a one page summary of my content publicity and linking strategy services

Overview of Services:
Most often requested service: 

Linking Strategy Call and Site Review
Full details
You know link building is important, but you don't know what (or who) to believe or where to spend your time and money.  Let me help.  As a widely acknowledged link building expert, I'll save you money and heartache. I've been doing this longer than any other person on the web, and I've seen just about every linking related tactic there is, good, bad, and ugly.

Other services: 

In Depth Competitive Link Audit and Industry Link Analysis
Full details
Includes my proprietary Linking Analytics and Competitive Link Audit, and a strategy report with recommendations created by me specifically for your site, plus 2.5 hours by phone. Put my link building expertise and experience to work helping your site succeed.

Natural Link Building Boot Camp with Eric Ward 
(Next available slot: April 2015)

A combined link building and training service, where I teach and train you on the same techniques used for my clients. I'll create and give you link building and tracking tools you can use after we finish. I cut through all the linking rumors and inaccurate "expert" advice and maximize your investment in your site. After the Bootcamp is completed, we then continue to have one hour monthly strategy calls for six months. Full details

Not interested in the Boot Camp? I offer several other link building training services.

Link Bait Strategy Development
Full details
I help coach you through the process of creating a Linkbait strategy and tactics that make sense for your site.

Natural Link Building Plans - Custom Link Marketing Strategies - Link Building Blueprints
Full details
Have me do the leg and brainwork to identify the proper topically relevant link targets and high value editorial link targets for your content, including key influencers and social media.  Then I'll teach you the process of obtaining these high quality links naturally.

URLwire Site Announcement Network - Established in 1994
Full details at
URLwire was established in 1994 as a private and discreet news service to announce meritorious Web content to the exact resource seekers and trusted influencers who care about it. URLwire subscribers represent some of the most trusted sources in the world, who can have tremendous impact on your organic rankings.
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Oldies but goodies...
Link Requests via Email - A Primer With Tips
Ten Commandments of Link Building by Link Moses
Link Experts Tell All

Eric Ward's Link Building Presentations, Seminars and Conferences
From 1998: Link Building for Non Profits - Washington D.C. conference 

Link building podcast: The written and audio transcript of the podcast between myself and Eric Enge. 

Eric Ward's Link Building Webcast for Search Marketing Now

In the Trades
I addition to my own Link Building Best Practices Articles, I write for several online marketing industry trade publications. 

You can read my LinkWeek columns at
You can read my linking strategy columns at

I've also contributed columns to ClickZ, SearchMarketingStandard, SearchEngineJournal, WebMarketingToday and Ad Age B2B magazine (print)

More about my services and experience below

Private Linking Strategy Session and Link Audit- $2,500
Let me show you the key online venues where your site is missing linking opportunities.  I'll identify weakness in your linking strategy, mine and analyze competitor and industry site links to help your own site's link development.  This session Includes written reports and two hours of personal private phone consultation.

Training and Consulting for Content Publicity/Link Building
I offer several types of link building and link development training services, from one-to-one to group sessions, in-person and web based.

Link Building Services, aka NetPOST (First began in 1994)
Link development, link, content publicity and site announcements for your site, using a holistic linking approach based on your site's subject, features, and content. 100% white hat link building services and training.  I also provide strategy sessions to help you maximize your content's ability to attract the right links the right way. 

URLwire Site Announcements
Your new web site announced to the right online editors and site reviewers, via Email, Web, RSS feed, Blog, Groups and other methods.  URLwire is matched by topic, and sent only to those who write about and link to quality web sites.

On-site reading
I maintain a running list of hundreds or articles, webinars, presentations, interviews etc., that I've participated in over the years. LinkMoses Link Building Articles and Advice was a very popular feature, and Ten Things to Ask Before Hiring A Company to Promote Your Web Site is an old column that still resonates today. In the dark ages I partnered with Robin Nobles and John Alexander to create an ebook titled, 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies

Time warp...
The year: 1994. The web is catching on. But there aren't any web promotion companies yet.  So I start the first one, and ask Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang to create a new Yahoo! directory category, since none exists.  Read the original 1994 email exchange between Jerry and I. 

Spring 2015

The complete LinkMoses Private Archive is available. It contains 169 issues, 530+ Link Opportunity Alerts, how-to videos, and 800+ pages of linking strategies and tactics

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Link Building Book
The Ultimate Guide To Link Building
By Eric Ward and Garrett French
Now available from 
Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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Link Building Course 
Available Now: 

Linking Strategies and Content Promotion
Eleven On-Demand Videos Presented by Linking Strategy Experts Eric Ward and Ken McGaffin
Pricing and Sign Up Details

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My current columns

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I'm curating the 
Link Building Infographics
board at Pinterest

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Eric Ward Interviewed by Ogilvy Public Relations
Interview by Brian Camen
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..About Eric.
Eric Ward Biography.

Media Coverage Past and Present
Link Building Best Practices
Link Building Interviews
Link Building Videos


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Link Building Expert with Eric Ward and Mike McDonald of WebProNews discussing the impact of Pagerank on link building
WebProNews' Mike McDonald and I discuss how link building has changed in the past ten years or so, and the implications for today's link builders.

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Eric Ward In Online Marketing Heroes
I'm one of  25 people profiled in the book Online Marketing Heroes.

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Previous SES conference sessions:
Link Building Basics 
Social Media Link Building

Previous SMX conference sessions:
Link Building Fundamentals

Link Building Webcasts & Webinars

If you missed the webcast on Links, Link-Building and Public Relations with Chris Sherman, the archived version may still be available.

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Link Building Videos

link building videoWebProNews "The Insider" discussion with Eric Ward. In this link building video, WebProNews Managing Editor Mike McDonald connects with Eric Ward via webcam to discuss the finer points of link building, what constitutes good link bait, and creating a good balance of organic and paid links.

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Shameful Bragging 

Ward has been the Svengali behind the scenes of some of the Web's best known launches, from to 

Those who value time and want the job done right by the best in the business flock to Eric Ward and count themselves lucky that the maestro isn't booked into the next millennium.
-Jim Sterne, Inc. Magazine

Eric is one of the most plugged in professionals we know, having been online approximately forever. So if you want to get your news around, call the guy. In addition to being non-annoying, he's extremely effective in telling Heavy Duty Influentials what it is you're doing. This is especially valuable in cases where you yourself have forgotten. 
-Chris Locke, The Cluetrain Manifesto and Entropy Gradient Reversals (pdf)

Eric Ward may well be the foremost expert on promoting Web site launches and Web events.
-Interactive PR News

The impact of Eric Ward's approach is optimal.
-NetGuide Magazine

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